Welcome to the new IOOF.org!

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Welcome! This has been a year of “Making a Difference” and I would like to thank the Communications Committee of the Sovereign Grand Lodge for having worked towards improving our ability to do that. Please visit our site and learn more about who we are and what we do.

We are on Facebook and Instagram now and our new look is part of our effort to reach out to our communities and the world.

If you aren’t a member and would like to learn more just click on the “Join Us” tab and you can see where we are, how to join and how being a part of this great Order can benefit you as well.”

Sovereign Grand Master  2017-2018
 John A. Miller, Sr.

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Ainslie is a Tattoo Artist and owner of Vintage Karma in Tuscola, IL. He is an Odd Fellow and founding member and Past Grand of Tuscola #316 which is right above the tattoo studio. Ainslie is also a member of Owl Creek Rebekah #91, Champaign Encampment #68, and Zonar Canton #18, all of Fisher, IL. He is also on the Grand Lodge of IL IOOF Web Committee and the Sovereign Grand Lodge Communications Committee and built/maintains their websites and Facebook Pages and is a founder of the Heart in Hand blog. When he is not tattooing or Odd Fellowing he built/maintains the official website and Facebook page for guitarist G.E. Smith and helps keep the fans connected.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the new IOOF.org!

  1. This new site is fantastic carries a lot great information and is very helpful for our lodge members thank you for your time creating it. Tim PNG Niantic Lodge 17, ct.


  2. Ainslie, Fresno Odd Fellows Lodge #186 in Fresno, California is looking into setting up a website. Is there an Odd Fellows website that we can link our website to? Is there an Odd Fellows website that would be able to host our domain? I contacted the Grand Lodge of California who referred me to a member who owns a consulting firm that we would have to pay to setup and host our website for a fee each month. We have our own local resources that can do that. We are more interested in setting up a link (or links) to an IOOF website. I would appreciate any information you could provided.


  3. I am trying to find out who the caretaker of Maple Hill IOOF Cemetery, as that is where my 2nd great grandfather is buried. His name is Felix Westfall.


  4. I’m trying to contact Doug Pitman,deputy grand master located in North Carolina. Can you supply me with contact information for Doug please ? Thanks in advance.


    1. Could you please send your inquiry using the contact form on this website so that we can have an email address to message you back with?


  5. I’ve walked , rode my bike and driven by a lodge possible hundreds of times in tge past few years and every time I do i find myself looking towards with hopes of catching a glimpse of activities going on about the lodge. To this day i have not seen so much as the sidewalk being cleared of the fallen snow. It get my imagination going in absurd way that surly keeps my sense of humor humorous. As i surf on my mobile device ive found myself landing here. So here i am writing a comment with nothing great to add. Possibility there is something missing in my life. Yea, when I’ve nothing better to do on a late Wednesday evening id say there is a void that is ready to be filled with love of whatever i do to fill it. I would like to learn more about becoming odd. My wife has said I’m wierd, does that help? Hmmm, hows about this,… You know when we were growing up and in school, our teachers and coachs would say things like TEAMWORK and there is no I in TEAM?
    Well what if many years ago I discovered the i in Team. Interested? I can show how i discovered it. It can only be Illustrated.i dont know what it is im commenting such nonsensical nonsense for. Perhaps it the void, yes, the void made me do it… Oh boy.


    1. Hey Preston, you have come to the right place. I would love to help find out if that Lodge is still active or not, or to find an active one nearby. Please send me an email to webmaster@ioof.org with your location and we can get your journey started.


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