Covid-19 Updates from the SGL Executive Board


During this time of uncertainty, the Sovereign Grand Lodge Executive wants to give you a reminder of why the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs need to live up to the tenants of our order. While we cannot visit the sick, we can still stay in touch with those who are vulnerable, alone, or ill during this pandemic. Give them a call to check in and chat. We need each other to stick together and offer support to each of our members as well as those who are in our communities.

These are uncertain times around the world, but I am encouraged to see everyone coming together to follow the measures put into place by our respective governments and public health authorities. It is IMPERATIVE that every Lodge and Member take the appropriate steps to stop the spread of COVID-19. These steps include, cancelling or postponing indefinitely any Lodge/Jurisdictional events, meetings, fundraisers, etc. to protect our members and the public, until such time as it has been declared safe to do so.

During these unprecedented times kindness and helping one another in our communities is of the upmost importance. Social distancing is cancelling our events but cannot cancel kindness. Now is the time for us to STEP UP TO THE PLATE by practicing social distancing. It will help your community to keep people safe and healthy and not to spread this virus on to others.

We understand completely that this is an extra-ordinary situation, and is subject to change at any time, therefore, we are continuing to follow updates from local, state/provincial or federal government and medical experts, very carefully and rest assured that we are committed to providing our Members with updated information as it comes available. Our Sovereign Grand Lodge office continues to be operational, so please feel free to contact either Sovereign Grand Secretary Brother Terry Barrett or myself as Sovereign Grand Master if your have any questions or concerns or require assistance regarding your Lodges.

This pandemic has halted the travels of myself and the other Officers. Many of you have had to postpone or cancel your Lodge meetings and Jurisdictional Sessions, but once this pandemic is over, we can begin to get back to where we were and go forward. We look forward to our travels again when all the bans have been lifted. As it is unclear at this time as to how long these measures will be required, the executive have been keeping in touch with each other by telephone or e-mails

Also, several Jurisdictions have closed their office and directed lodges to go dark until the necessary bans are lifted. Please continue to report these closures to the Sovereign Grand Secretary.

In closing, let me say again, we are in this together, I know that you will all understand and appreciate the measures that must be made to protect ourselves, our Members and families, as we navigate this situation.
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E. Wesley Nelson​Terry L. Barrett
Sovereign Grand Master Sovereign Grand Secretary
Email:​ Email:

Charles E. Lusk​ Harless A. Turner​
Deputy Sovereign Grand Master Sovereign Grand Treasurer

Michelle L. Heckart Douglas E. Pittman
Sovereign Grand Warden Jr. Past Sovereign Grand Master

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Ainslie is a Tattoo Artist and owner of Vintage Karma in Tuscola, IL. He is an Odd Fellow and founding member and Past Grand of Tuscola #316 which is right above the tattoo studio. Ainslie is also a member of Owl Creek Rebekah #91, Champaign Encampment #68, and Zonar Canton #18, all of Fisher, IL. He is also on the Grand Lodge of IL IOOF Web Committee and the Sovereign Grand Lodge Communications Committee and built/maintains their websites and Facebook Pages and is a founder of the Heart in Hand blog. When he is not tattooing or Odd Fellowing he built/maintains the official website and Facebook page for guitarist G.E. Smith and helps keep the fans connected.

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