Click to view PDF: Grand Master Letter: Sending Aid to Ukraine

Office of the Sovereign Grand Master
Independent Order of Odd Fellows

9 March 2022
Greetings Brothers and Sisters,
Please see the enclosed letter from the Grand Lodge of Europe.
In addition, I have been receiving some inquiries regarding the procedures for sending fund to assist the Ukrainians. In communicating with the Hunger & Disaster Board, we have agreed to send $10,000.00 for now and match up to $10,000.00 donated by the Jurisdictions for this relief request; then see what may yet transpire for the future.

If your unit would like to make a donation, and to keep the wire fees to a minimum, send your donations to:
I.O.O.F. Hunger & Disaster Fund
c/o Ukrainian Relief
422 N Trade St
Winston-Salem, NC 27101-2830

s/ Charles E. Lusk
Sovereign Grand Master

Office of the Grand Sire
Grand Lodge of Europe I.O.O.F.

3 March 2022
Dear Brothers & Sisters,
The aggression of Russia, Putin, towards Ukraine, is accompanied by many deaths, many refugees today more than 1 million, many injured and enormous damage especially to houses, stations etc. Where the ordinary citizen comes. Where is Putin going?
The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Grand Lodge of Poland, was working with 28 brothers in Lwow, Ukraine, to establish a lodge. Like all refugees, they need our help.
In the Grand Lodge of Poland, they are creating a “Fund to Help Ukraine”, which is going to provide three-way assistance:
-purchase and shipping/financing of supplies indicated by the Ukrainian Brothers and Sisters /first aid, toilets, medicines, clothing etc./
-financing housing and maintenance of refugees from Ukraine.

I propose that the account remains under the administration of the Grand Lodge of Poland, in accordance with the Grand Lodge of Norway. They have already prepared the first freight transport for Ukraine.

They have created two special accounts for the “Fund to Help
Ukraine” PKO Bank Polski:
85 1020 5242 0000 2102 0542 5162 PLN
17 1020 5242 0000 2802 0542 5170 EUR

The transfer title is “Help Ukraine”. Decide for yourself which account is more advantageous for you. Soon they will tell us what help they have already given to our brothers in Ukraine.

All 9 Grand Lodges are participating in this aid campaign. It is distressing to see how families are being torn apart. Women and children flee, and the men are not allowed to leave the country, they have to fight with them. I inform you of this serious threat from Putin to overthrow our western democratic countries. Many measures have been taken to isolate Putin. The information Putin is spreading is a lie. For example, 5000 young Russian soldiers were killed in the first day because they thought they were taking part in an army exercise!!

You may also see an opportunity to support this action.After the COVID pandemic, we are now in the middle of a terrible war.

With best brotherly regards in Friendship, Love and Truth,
Bonne M. Kuitert
Grand Sire of Europe
Deputy Sovereign Grand Master for Europe

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Ainslie is a Tattoo Artist and owner of Vintage Karma in Tuscola, IL. He is an Odd Fellow and founding member and Past Grand of Tuscola #316 which is right above the tattoo studio. Ainslie is also a member of Owl Creek Rebekah #91, Champaign Encampment #68, and Zonar Canton #18, all of Fisher, IL. He is also on the Grand Lodge of IL IOOF Web Committee and the Sovereign Grand Lodge Communications Committee and built/maintains their websites and Facebook Pages and is a founder of the Heart in Hand blog. When he is not tattooing or Odd Fellowing he built/maintains the official website and Facebook page for guitarist G.E. Smith and helps keep the fans connected.

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