COVID update: Moving Forward

To all units of Odd Fellowship:

The safety, health and welfare of our members, workers, and visitors is of the utmost importance to Odd Fellowship. Taken from the President’s State of the Union address: A return to normal: As the camera panned the House chamber before President Biden spoke, I could not see a single person wearing a mask. When the President walked in, maskless, he immediately began shaking hands. It felt like State of the Unions past, before the world heard the words “Covid-19.” President Biden said at one point: “We are moving forward safely back to normal routines.” Another: “Thanks to the progress we have made this past year, Covid-19 need no longer control our lives.

It has been reported that all but Hawaii have lifted the mask requirement, though some offices are still practicing safe distance and some health practices ask for a mask to be worn. Please defer to your local health authorities. The first priority for everyone is to take appropriate steps to limit the spread of COVID-19 and ensure our communities remain healthy and for you as a member to feel safe and comfortable. If you feel that you need to wear a mask, do so, while others may not.

Several are calling expressing their concerns about meeting. Lodges need to again be open, but should take the necessary extra steps to ensure their spaces are clean and safe for the membership and visitors. We want to encourage everyone to follow guidance from public health officials regarding social distancing and proper health etiquette if and when visiting and public spaces.

Do follow the direction and guidelines from your state, provincial and city governments.) Be safe in your environment and practice. We have had notice from several of the Grand Bodies that they have either canceled a session for 2022, gone to a one (1) day session or have moved to a date in the future of their regular meeting time.

In the meantime, be diligent to call your shut-ins and keep in touch with the active and shut-in members, be it phone, Facebook, etc. First and foremost, prioritize and take all health and welfare precautions for yourself and others in your community. Health as a whole depends on working together, and our lodges and communities are the lifeblood of the Order. We want to make sure they continue to stay successful while maintaining appropriate public health safety measures.

Look forward to hearing that the Lodges have opened their doors and are again meeting “Face to Face’

s/ Charles E. ‘Chuck’ Lusk
Sovereign Grand Master

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Ainslie is a Tattoo Artist and owner of Vintage Karma in Tuscola, IL. He is an Odd Fellow and founding member and Past Grand of Tuscola #316 which is right above the tattoo studio. Ainslie is also a member of Owl Creek Rebekah #91, Champaign Encampment #68, and Zonar Canton #18, all of Fisher, IL. He is also on the Grand Lodge of IL IOOF Web Committee and the Sovereign Grand Lodge Communications Committee and built/maintains their websites and Facebook Pages and is a founder of the Heart in Hand blog. When he is not tattooing or Odd Fellowing he built/maintains the official website and Facebook page for guitarist G.E. Smith and helps keep the fans connected.

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