The Sovereign Grand Lodge does not have information on an individual’s Membership in the Order.  However, this responsibility lies with each Jurisdiction (Canadian Province or US State).  To obtain family information, please contact the Jurisdiction directly by following the instructions listed below:

  1. Write to the Grand Lodge or Rebekah Assembly Secretary of the appropriate Jurisdiction (Canadian Province or US State).  See the Jurisdictions Pages on this site for names, addresses, phone & fax numbers and email address – where available.
  2. Information you need to provide is:
    – Name of the individual
    – Town of residence
    – Years of residence
    – Year of death.  A Member may keep Membership in one Lodge and participate in a Lodge of another city
    as a visitor or Associate Member.

Please keep in mind the following when making your requests:

  • Odd Fellow or Rebekah Applications do not include information about the applicant’s parents.
  • Each Jurisdiction keeps the annual reports from all of the Lodges under its jurisdiction, for as far back as the records survive.  The annual reports list the current members and dates of membership change, such as when a Member joined the Lodge (by initiation or by transfer from another Lodge) and when a Members leaves the Lodge (by death, resignation, or transfer to another Lodge).  Details, such as what Lodge the Member transferred to or from, are in the Lodge’s records.  When a Lodge surrenders its Charter (closes), its records are to be transferred to the Grand Lodge or Rebekah Assembly Office of that Jurisdiction.  If a Lodge amalgamates with another Lodge, its records transfer to the other Lodge.
  • Searching for a name can take time and the more information provided to narrow the search, the more likely someone will be able to find confirmation of Lodge Membership.

For general information about The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, write to:

The Sovereign Grand Lodge
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
422 North Trade Street
Winston-Salem, NC. 27101-2830

For information about The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, write to:

Grand United Order of Odd Fellows
12th & Spruce Sts.
Philadelphia, PA 19107