We are looking for individuals who have a variety of valuable skills to help us be the best Order we can be.  Even though we have been around for 200 years, we are made up of almost entirely of men and women who volunteer their time and talents to make the Independent Order of Odd Fellows one of the oldest charitable organizations in the World. This grassroots approach allows us to spend most of the money we take in on helping others.

Are you and someone you know willing to:

  • Assist us in building and managing websites and social media for lodges and Grand Lodges?
  • Work as a liaison between the IOOF and other community organizations and foundations?
  • Use your organizational and accounting skills to help with data and financial management of a variety of assets?
  • Help organize fundraisers, events, and awareness campaigns?
  • Use your skills in drama, art, music, and writing to help make being a member of a lodge a fun and enriching social experience?
  • Use your marketing or PR skills to promote the IOOF on a local and national scale?
  • Use your leadership skills to engage, empower, and motivate other members?
  • Use your grant writing and grant management skills?
  • Set and accomplish short and long term goals for a lodge?